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We are Open!

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We are Open!

It's been a long time coming! I am super happy for the opening of this website and the beginning of a new jewelry decade! I've never been a business owner before and I certainly still feel super new to the jewelry scene, but I'm a very excited for what Sutton Street will become! 

About 8 years ago I moved to New York in search of a creative career.  As administration was my strongest career asset, my mission was literally "to support creatives so they can do their best work" while I figured out what I was interested and could see myself doing over the span of a career.  After 4 years I left having met business owners, designers, musicians and most radically- jewelers! I did not know the first thing about manufacturing jewelry until I began asking questions from 3 different women who owned their own jewelry businesses.  

I re-settled in Seattle to be closer to my family as I began to take casting classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center.  I began working for a large engagement ring company where over the next 3 years, I would learn so much about fabricating with precious metals and stones. At the same time, slowly building my personal studio, tool & material collection.  I knew I didn't want to go into debt starting my business so I planned and it's taken a while, but I'm excited to be actually doing it now! 

These days I work full time in production for an incredible designer while also working my business.  Life is full, but simple.  I've found a 4,000 year old art form that is challenging and brings me joy! I'm grateful to be doing it everyday!

||| Kaylee