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Size Guide


Sutton Street can custom size rings to the 1/4 size.  If you need to know your size, an easy way of knowing is to visit a neighborhood jeweler who can size you for free.   If you would like us to send you a ring sizer, when you purchase your ring, choose the custom sizing option. You will be charged an additional 7$ plus shipping.   Sutton Street will send you a measuring device and you have two weeks to communicate what size you would like. 

Ring sizes change.  The ring that fits you in the summer may be loose in the winter.  The ring that fits you today may fit differently in five or ten years. Sutton Street takes pride in providing a well fitting rings that last a long time.  If your ring size changes significantly, email us and we can work with you on getting it resized.


All necklaces have the dimensions in the description.


All bracelets have the dimensions in the description.


All earrings have the dimensions and weight included in the description.


All ear cuffs are one size fits all, but the product description will include the dimensions to help you determine how large it would be specifically on your ear.