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Austin, Texas; A Jeweler's Vacation

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Austin, Texas; A Jeweler's Vacation

One of the things I love about being all about jewelry is when I travel, I can pick up some of the coolest pieces from Artists I have never heard of.  It checks that box of having something to remember a place or experience by, and also is visibly something exquisite to behold and to wear.  

I have a good friend getting married in March in a city I've never been to - Austin, Texas! It's going to be so fun celebrating this huge life event with my friend and her man.  BUT also, I've always wanted to visit Austin.  I've heard the food is amazing, the music scene is phenomenal, and that it's a totally fun destination.  

As a traveler, I enjoy knowing a fair amount about my destination so that once I'm there I can feel free to live in the moment and know the general lay of the land.  I'm a planner...but the kind that schedules nothing / spontaneity!  Naturally, besides locating the best places for BBQ and live music, I need to know A. where to purchase locally-made jewelry, and B. where the jewelry supply store is at.  

Jewelry Supply Stores are few and far between.  They are little gems (quite literally), that carry random arrays of equipment, materials, and sometimes sparkly or intricate cut stones.  I've done a little bit of homework on where to buy localy-made and even vintage jewelry in Austin, but I would love to know if I'm missing anything! Here is my top four spots I've found that I am looking forward to visiting!

1.  AMC Company in North Austin.   First off - Jewelry Supply!!! For all my fellow jewelers, I am planning to check out this local business to see if there are any got-to-have items, cabs, etc. Generally I order almost everything out of catalogs so I'm so happy to be in a place that carries equipment and tools so I can touch everything in-person! 

2. Eliza Page  A Collective of sorts, focused on beauty and quality in their pieces.  Featuring many local designers, I'm excited to learn about the jeweler community in Austin and this looks like the place to go! 

3. Amanda Deer Jewelry Local ladies doing what they love! I loved finding the website for Amanda Deer!  As a jeweler, you spend a lot of time at the bench so when I saw their favorite podcasts listed, I knew these were ladies I could shop from! 

4. Austin Flea  This has been a long-time passion of mine.  I need to go to the flea.  I chose this particular one because they cited Brooklyn Flea as inspiration and frankly, that's where I used to spend my weekends in the summer!  I'm hoping to find some chunky one-of-a-kind estate jewelry! 

Excited to see what comes of this trip! Stay tuned for a trip update! 

||| Kaylee